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Google Earth allows viewing from all corners of the Earth, thanks to satellite imagery, aerial imagery and Street View combinations. Its powerful search engine, which is endangering the value of the available information and its intuitive use, is the best way to discover the planetBizitz, but also the sky, the moon and Marti.
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Explore the world with Google Earth

Google Earth is a three-dimensional interactive atlas. You can see (almost) every corner of the market. From the largest city to the parkto the national level, to the bottom of the water, only all the wonders of the world.

If not enough of the Earth, you can enjoy Moon and Mars photos and move between stars. The Google Earth browser finds a conversation that looks for something in the address, for GPS coordinates.

Google Earth offers a variety of information layers, such as roads, 3D buildings, trees, photos and weather. You can also add content to Google Earth, for example, by visitingpictures of your photos. The Google Earth Street View feature is available on Google Maps so you can play in some cities.

In addition, for all these features, Google Earth will provide the ability to create directions, measure distances, add bookmarks, save photos and fly aviation simulator.

Travel with the mouse

Google Earth browsing is very intuitive, and you need to dazer the mouse or buttons on the screen.
You can zoom in, turn your sight and travel lightlyAround the earth For a virtual tour with a street view, you can drag a small face icon into the radio station (it appears in blue). it is sailing; It is easy to slide the mouse. The search engine and all other options can be found in the left menu to make it look more enjoyable.

Important program

Google Earth Earth is a great and an amazing tool for respecting our environment. Graphics engine You can see them in many places. Proposed text and different layersthe content is updated regularly. Google Earth is a great program that takes you around the world without leaving your computer.


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