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From a technical point of view, the disk is not something that all users need to worry about. If you think about it, that’s something that you need to achieve, because if you make a mistake, you can really damage your system. That’s why you need to think about it, enable the managerto partitions, such as the MiniTool Partition Wizard.

For those of you who are not sure, disk partitioning is the way you share the hard disk on your computer so you can use different areas for different purposes. This is not something for beginners, but if you thinkthat you may want to try, partitioning the partition on a Wizard partition is a good starting point.

The wizard’s division interface is clear and clear. It discovers the partitions on your device and offers tools to help you perform activities such as formatting, deletingand copying. Know what you are doing, you can use the partition wizard to manage your partitions. Otherwise, try different witches.

Partition Wizard MiniTool uses a color coded character to display various parts of the hard disk and their functions. There isand a cancellation button, if you make a mistake, and a good help file to get advice on the road. Finally, there is a research disc, so that you can see exactly which files and documents will affect if you make changes.

If you are new to splitting your business, the MiniTool PartitionAhli Magic Wizarddefinitely will help the road.

The MiniTool Splitter supports the following formats


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KMPlayer Player has good sound and Windows video that supports various file types, including ZIP, ASF, WMV, AVS, FLV, AVI, and more.


KMPlayer has a minimal head of desktop video playback and small and fast, and smell the interface. The player’s skin application and quick hints are good, changecolor, an unknown player in any skill of the kujitegemeatuma photo album.

However, there are all kinds of options that will help you pimp and configure KMPlayer, such as rendering, plug-ins and playback options. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that these options are open to the beauty of KMPlayer popped up on request,but not in a random manner.

KMPlayer supports form 3-500, as well as the ability to add white

the advantage

KMPlayerutor, such as voice and video, and the other one helps the panaaina structure, designed for installation, no other player can touch and touch.

Video play is especially impressive thanks tomany processing tools that allow you to confirm the image, convert photos, video out and apply filters, and then an application.


siVultus is a good player, but because it is a powerful KMPlayer, it’s just what you need.

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